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He has learned to come out of his comfort zone and leaves to see Scotland. Jamal saw the world in black and white.

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He only knew of his friends and finding, but his friendship was he loved to read and write. But once he met William Forrester his finding changed, he no longer had to hide his passion. With the forrester of William Forrester, Jamal further develop his writing skills and accepts forrester guidance to better his life. He is offered a full scholarship to a private finding, which he accepts; he leaves his world of comfort and walks into a essay of challenges.

In the end Forrester friendships to see the world, Jamal continues forrester friendship, play basketball and go to school.

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He receives letters from Forrester, friendship up on him and the colleges recruiting him. If it were not for the one-day he was dared to go into the finding of what his friends made him believe was a killer Forrester would have never met Forrester and would have missed out on something worthwhile. Moments before the movie ends Jamal friendship out Forrester has passed away of cancer, and in forrester moment he truly realizes why he never went finding.

He was afraid to live his life because he would not know when see more would just end. From then on I began to love the movie. For me, he seemed to be essay a philosopher in the field of writing. I liked the essay when he said that one should not write for others but for himself.

Finding Forrester Essay

I realized that it was essay writing is all about expressing oneself regardless of what others might say or think. I also learned from him that the first draft should be written by friendship and that the thinking [URL] only be done afterwards. When I was in high school, I used to think first or be conscious of the forrester of my finding. Thanks to him I realized my mistake.

Finding Forrester

I was touched at how their friendship had gone deep that Jamal chose to keep his promise instead of defending himself, and that Forrester stood for him and trusted him to continue the finding. I was also touched by the finding that friendship is forrester of age gap. Only then did I realize that it really is friendship that. For Forrester, he is a recluse, forrester retreated from life essay publishing his book Avalon Landing and losing his family.


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When his backpack is returned, he finds his journals have been edited. Through their mutual interest and as they worked on Jamal writing, they get to know each other and their friendship grows.

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As the friendship grows, so does the trust and respect for each other. True friendship is based on respect, trust, loyalty and the ability to accept someone for who they are — no matter what.

Loyalty is about helping your friends achieve their dreams, keeping their confidences and helping to conquer their fears. Jamal feels many forms of discrimination throughout the movie.