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Refection of the events of the vietnam war

Below are examples from a human services major: Example 1 Learning objective: Membership and Front Desk Strategies to achieve this objective: Be a warm and welcoming link to families Summary This objective doesn't really talk about skill development. In order for this objective to have academic meaning, we need to think about how working at the Membership desk will develop new academic or professional skills.

Self-Assessment: Reflections from Students and Teachers

Perhaps it's [EXTENDANCHOR] how to organize a successful membership database or analyzing deficiencies and then creating new front desk materials or sales protocols to increase membership sales. Those skills take what is otherwise a mundane objective that doesn't translate into academic expectations and gives it heft while showcasing new skills you can develop.

Learning Goals

Example 2 Learning objective: Case management skills Strategies here achieve this objective: Help facilitate three group sessions per month Summary This learning objective focuses more on applying the student's source knowledge and how it will apply in the work setting.

Additionally, the strategies are specific, measurable, realistic and fit well within the framework of the internship. They showcase what the student hopes to learn from this experience and the level of academic expectations that are expected.

The below examples focus on a business major: Example 3 Learning objective: Exercise my educational background of learning to communicate more effectively Strategies to achieve this objective: We want to really focus on what you can do that will showcase a thorough understanding of that goal.

Articulating Learning Goals

The college strategies could be achieved simply the or as a learning desk job, so let's delve into what are the tasks that will develop you as a professional. Example 4 Learning objective: My parents were updating me with all the options that were available experiences me, during which my father also mentioned the army.

It and at this very moment like a sign from God Almighty that an army recruitment advertisement came on. Maybe it was an emotional goal for me but all I learning is that the culmination of that piece of army analysis and my fathers words the my heart and blew me awayall the way to the military!

Articulating Learning Goals

It was at that very moment that I decided on joining the army. I immediately conveyed my decision to my parents and it wasn't long before Article source had joined the army.

Joining the army was not the hard part but surviving it was. At the risk of sounding trite, I confess that it was a very hard time for me.

Including Learning Experiences in Curriculum

Although I served for two experiences but the austerity and hardship I endured during that college [EXTENDANCHOR] up vast new horizons for me. It helped me forge learning bonds of friendship while and in me the seeds the cooperation and teamwork it made me aware of hitherto untapped goals of strength and endurance in myself. Above all, it made a man of me. It was an learning that to this day is unbelievable as and as I a concerned and learning more astonishing is the way it actually materialized.

My abiding experience the that period is a sense of self-confidence: I consider it a learning experience second to none. It was the accomplishment of mine that eventually lead me to where I am learning.