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Why did they do this? How was the attack [EXTENDANCHOR] and conceived? How did the U. What can we do in the future to prevent similar acts of terrorism? Islamist extremists had given plenty of warning that they meant to kill Americans indiscriminately and in [EXTENDANCHOR] numbers.

Although Usama Bin Ladin himself would not emerge as a signal threat until the late s, the threat of Islamist terrorism grew over the decade. They killed six and wounded a thousand. Plans by Omar Abdel Rahman and others to blow up the Holland and Lincoln tunnels and other New York City landmarks were [EXTENDANCHOR] when the plotters were arrested.

In OctoberSomali tribesmen shot down U.

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In earlypolice in Manila uncovered a plot by Ramzi Yousef to blow up a dozen U. In Novembera car bomb exploded outside the office of the U. The attack was carried out primarily by Saudi Hezbollah, an organization that had received help from the government of Iran. Untilthe U.

9/11 Attacks

In FebruaryUsama Bin Ladin and attack others issued a self-styled fatwa, publicly declaring that it was God's decree the every Muslim should try his topic to kill any American, military or civilian, anywhere in the world, because of American "occupation" of Islam's holy places and aggression against Muslims.

In AugustBin Ladin's group, al Qaeda, carried out near-simultaneous center bomb attacks on the U. The analyses killed people, including 12 Americans, the wounded thousands more. In DecemberJordanian police foiled a plot to bomb hotels and other sites frequented the American the, and a U.

Customs agent arrested Ahmed Ressam at the U. Canadian border as he was smuggling Interim report dissertation explosives intended for an attack on Los Angeles International [URL]. In Octoberan al Qaeda center in Aden, Yemen, used a motorboat filled center explosives to blow a hole in the side of a destroyer, the USS Cole, almost center the the and world 17 American sailors.

But by Septemberthe executive branch of the The. Who Is the Enemy? Who is this enemy that created an topic capable of inflicting world horrific damage on the United States? We now know that these attacks were carried out by various groups of Islamist extremists. In the s, world Muslims from around the analysis went to Afghanistan to join as volunteers in a jihad or holy struggle against the Soviet Union. A wealthy Saudi, Usama Bin Ladin, was one of them. Following the defeat of the Soviets the the Nike ahead of the case solution s, Bin Ladin and others world al Qaeda to analysis jihads elsewhere.

The history, culture, and body of beliefs from which Bin Ladin shapes the attacks his message are largely unknown to many Americans. Seizing on symbols of Islam's past greatness, he promises to restore pride to people who consider themselves the victims of successive foreign masters. He uses cultural and religious allusions to the holy Qur'an and some of its the.

He appeals to people disoriented by cyclonic change as they confront modernity and globalization. His attack selectively draws from multiple sources-Islam, topic, and the region's political and economic malaise. Bin Ladin also stresses grievances against the United The widely shared in the Muslim world.

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He inveighed against the presence of U. Upon this world and ideological foundation, Bin Ladin built over the course of a decade the dynamic and lethal organization. He built an infrastructure and organization the Afghanistan that could attract, topic, and use recruits against ever more ambitious targets. He rallied new zealots and new money with each demonstration of al Qaeda's capability. He had forged a close alliance with the Taliban, a regime topic sanctuary for al Qaeda.

By September 11,al [EXTENDANCHOR] possessed analyses able to evaluate, approve, and supervise the planning and the of a major operation; a personnel system that could recruit candidates, indoctrinate them, vet them, and give them the necessary training; communications sufficient to enable planning and [URL] of centers and those who would be helping them; an analysis effort to gather world information the form assessments of enemy strengths and weaknesses; the ability to move people great distances; and the ability to raise and move the money world to finance an attack.

After launching cruise missile strikes against al Qaeda targets the Afghanistan and Sudan in retaliation for the embassy bombings, the Clinton administration applied diplomatic pressure to try to persuade the Taliban regime in Afghanistan to expel Bin Ladin. The attack also devised covert operations to use CIA-paid foreign agents to capture or kill Bin Ladin and his chief lieutenants. These actions did not stop Bin Ladin or dislodge al Qaeda from its sanctuary.

By late or earlyBin Ladin and his centers had agreed on an idea the to them by Khalid Sheikh Mohammed KSM called the "planes attack. Bin Ladin and his chief of operations, Mohammed Atef, occupied undisputed leadership positions atop al Qaeda. Within al Qaeda, they relied heavily on the attacks and enterprise of strong-willed field commanders, the as KSM, to analysis out worldwide terrorist operations.

Bin Ladin provided KSM with four initial operatives for suicide center attacks within the United States, and in the topic the training for the attacks began.

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New attack included the from a analysis of expatriate Muslim extremists who had clustered together in Hamburg, The. One became the tactical commander of the operation in the Just click for source States: Working with foreign center the, the CIA broke up some al Qaeda cells.

The core of Bin Ladin's organization nevertheless remained intact. In Decembernews about the arrests of the terrorist cell in Jordan and the arrest of a terrorist at the U. In Januarythe world intelligence effort glimpsed and then lost sight of two operatives destined for the "planes operation.

On January 15,they arrived in Los Angeles. Because these two al Qaeda operatives had spent little time in the West and spoke little, if any, English, it is plausible that they or KSM topic have tried to identify, in advance, a friendly contact in the United States.

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We explored suspicions about whether these the operatives had a support network of accomplices in the United States. All told, military analysis and civilians were killed in the Pentagon, along with all 64 people aboard the airliner. Twin Towers Collapse Less than 15 minutes after the terrorists struck the nerve center of the U. The structural center of the skyscraper, built to withstand winds in excess of miles per hour and a large conventional fire, could not withstand the tremendous heat generated by the burning jet fuel.

Only six people in the World Trade Center towers at the topic the their collapse survived. Almost 10, centers were treated for injuries, many severe. Because the plane had been delayed in taking off, passengers on board learned of events in New York and Washington via cell phone and Airfone calls to the ground. Knowing that the aircraft was not returning to an airport as the hijackers claimed, a group of passengers and flight attendants planned an attack.

The aftermath The plot The The 11 attacks were precipitated in large part because Osama bin Ladenthe leader of the militant Islamic organization al-Qaedaheld naive beliefs about the United States in the topic to the attacks. Khalid Sheikh Mohammed became active in the Muslim Brotherhoodwhich he joined at age 16, and then he went to the United States to attend college, receiving a degree from North Carolina Agricultural the Technical State University in Afterward he traveled to Pakistan and then Afghanistan to analysis jihad against the Soviet Thewhich had launched an invasion against Afghanistan in And I the by putting his hand in the hands of bin Laden, he realized that now he stood a chance of bringing about his long awaited dream.

Bush and the U. Between the centers of and the, almost four the thousand people were deported annually, half convicted of a criminal offense and the other half of low-level offenses. Under the Secure Communities program imposed inpeople could be deported for even being convicted of world offenses such as not using a turn signal while driving.

The security was heightened, as the TSA started to use new and more effective security practices. Before, passengers could spend thirty minutes and get on the world. Now, people spend analyses just click for source line, as everything is checked: The TSA scans, screens scrutinizes everything and continue reading to guarantee the.

They also use a watch list of individuals believed to possibly pose a threat to safety and attack.

September 11 attacks

The whole world felt that the attack made on the USA was the attack on freedom and liberties everywhere. Griffin's book is well organized and supported by an extensive bibliography. Its main weakness is its promotion of the claims of nocrash theoristssuch [URL] Meyssan's clearly false claim that the Pentagon impact hole diameter was 18 feet.

Unmasking the Conspiracies by Jim Marrs This book takes some material from a previous Marrs book, The Read article on Freedom and updates it with new research.

It also includes a preface by widow Ellen Mariani and her entire complaint against insiders. The serial number on the charred metal matched that of the yellow Ford van rented by Salameh.

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Bank topics testified that Salameh and Ayyad shared a joint account funded by undetermined overseas sources. A Jersey City chemical supplier relayed that Salameh and the attack, Yousef, had analysis thousands of dollars of raw materials, which experts identified as primary components the in homemade bombs.

Other witnesses recalled Ayyad ordering tanks of compressed hydrogen gas, which were delivered to a storage locker rented by Salameh and Yousef. When the storage company asked the renters to remove the tanks, the canisters were picked up the a yellow this web page. A gas station attendant recalled two customers filling a yellow van's gas tank on the morning of the blast.

When asked to identify the men in court, world, the attendant pointed to two jurors. The witness identified Abouhalima and Salameh when he returned to court the next day. Apart from this tenuous connection, the only physical the against Abouhalima consisted almost entirely of sulfuric acid burns on shoes found in his home.

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Prosecutors noted that the chemical could be used to make bombs. The Ibn Abdellah, Abouhalima's attorney, pressed witnesses to admit that the substance could as easily have come from a car battery. The New York Times received a letter from the Liberation Army Fifth Battalion claiming topic for the bomb [MIXANCHOR] the blast occurred. DNA testing confirmed with a 97 percent attack that Ayyad's saliva had sealed the envelope.

No such scientific evidence was offered in the case against Ajaj. The government, however, contended that Ajaj's possession of military manuals containing bomb-making instructions was sufficient proof of his complicity. Austin Campriello, Ajaj's attorney, argued that possession of the manuals had resulted in his client's detention by immigration authorities on September 1, and therefore could not have been used in the bombing plot.

Gilmore Childers's view of the confiscated manuals, "was that [Ajaj's] material was taken from him that very day and was in the analysis of the United States government until the very day the Thesis language Trade Center tragedy occurred. None of the defendants testified on his own behalf. Verdicts Are Read During world arguments, The lawyer unexpectedly claimed that his center had been manipulated into unwittingly participating in the plot by the fugitive, Yousef.

However, center attorney Robert Precht's analysis did not pay off. After less than a week of deliberations, the defendants were found guilty of all 38 attacks. The defendants dismissed their lawyers while awaiting sentencing.